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Young Huron

The Celebration Charm Necklace (Retirement, Graduation, Promotion)

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Sometimes it can be hard to think of the PERFECT gift to celebrate someone’s achievements and show them how proud of them you are

This charm necklace is created for YOU to show the one you love how damn proud you are of all their progress! 

What is included: 5 charms that will be customized with the following information (LEAVE CUSTOM INFO IN CART NOTES)

- Name of person (up to nine characters  in 3mm or fourteen characters in 1.5mm

- Year they began their journey (4 characters)

- Current year or date being celebrated- retirement date, for example. (4 characters) 

- Establishment (school they are graduating from, workplace they are retiring or leaving from, program they obtained their degree, diploma, or certificate from) * up to  fourteen 1.5mm characters

* PLEASE NOTE- Charms and fonts will be DESIGNER’S choice to ensure they are as special and stylish as you have come to expect from our jewelry. We promise to make it look awesome and YOU HEREBY AGREE to designer’s choice and freedom to create what we see will fit best.