Policies & FAQ

If there is anything I can do to help you better understand our products or policies please, please, please send over an email!

In the meantime, here are some common questions that are asked;

Q: What is your shipping and delivery policy and timelines?

A: Abbie Darling orders are shipped using Canada Post expedited shipping- which is both tracked and insured. If a package has been verified undelivered, your order will be fully refunded (including shipping expenses). Abbie Darling Customs ships orders within 5-7 days of ordering (as all pieces are handmade and customs are made to order), from there I follow Canada Posts shipping guidelines for both Canada local, provincial, and national orders as well as international shipping. You can click here to check out these timelines

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Pieces are guaranteed for 30 days after purchase- there are no refunds; however, free repairs are offered within the 30 days after purchase (shipping fees may apply). There are no refunds or exchanges on custom pieces.

I cannot uphold return and exchange policies of stores that carry Abbie Darling pieces- please speak directly to the store you purchased from.

All of this and I still want you to know that I always want you to be happy with your special piece and more importantly, your experience- if you have an issue at anytime, please email with questions and concerns.

Q: What do your stamped letters look like? 

A: There are three options for your letter styles; 1.5mm lower case, 3mm lower case, and 3mm upper case, as well as 2mm Cursive Lowercase and 3mm Numbers. The styles are pictured with each custom piece.

Please note that at this time we ONLY works with the 26 letters of the English Alphabet. The ONLY symbols we use additionally are "." and "&", as well as a heart symbol.


Q: How do I know what length chain to select?

A: Lengths will vary on each body, but pictured is a broad and approximate size guide based on a 34" wide chest. Please feel free to email with any questions- and YES we can size up or down any necklace- charges may apply depending on the request.

Q: Why do shipping prices change?

A: I ship through Canada Post and from time to time, Canada Post increases their rates for businesses- it is at those times that I change my shipping prices to correlate to new fees I have to pay.

Expedited TRACKED shipping is always recommended- Especially for international orders

Expedited TRACKED shipping will provide the customer with a tracking number and can be followed while in transit. International orders that opt for lower priced, non tracked shipping fulfillments do so at their own risk. Abbie Darling Customs is not responsible for lost or stolen UNTRACKED packages.

Q: What type of metals do you use?

A: I use raw brass and metal alloys that have been tested for sensitivities. All chain and pendants are nickel free. We prefer to work in raw brass as often as possible because we appreciate the natural beauty of it and love that it changes with and is unique for each wearer. Plus, natural raw brass is such an affordable alternative to gold, and we looooove that.

Q: How do I keep my brass looking as bright as possible?

A: Abbie Darling uses raw brass for many pieces- that means that it will naturally change slightly with time; however, there are many things you can do to keep your piece from excessive tarnishing. Do not wear your brass pieces in the shower or swimming, and also avoid wearing during excessive perspiration (exercise, or whatever gets you sweaty!). You should also avoid perfumes and lotions directly contacting your piece- that includes self tanner, spray tan solution, and sunscreen. It is also wise to keep your pieces in a sealed bag or jewelry box.

To clean up raw brass (NOTE: that is only chain, bars, and coins that have been identified as RAW brass in the product descriptions) you can rub areas with tarnish with a combination of pure lemon juice and salt with a cloth or q-tip and then brush clean with water. Please note that if lemon juice comes in contact with enamel or crystals, it could affect the finish of those specific areas and is NOT RECOMMENDED for antique brass or any crystal pendent.

Simple lathered toothpaste and water will also get that brass super shiny!


Q: My crystal doesn’t look EXACTLY the same as the one pictured... why?

A: Each Crystal is completely one of a kind- from nature’s beauty, to the “crown” on each they will all be slightly different. I always try to post pieces with extreme variations to show our customers the most accurate version of what you are looking at purchasing.