Hi pals! I am Abbie, the woman behind Abbie Darling Customs. This brand was born out of a love for style- and how style can be such a part of telling your story.

Four years ago, I started this business with custom jewelry, because I love helping people "wear their why"- I love making pieces that remind you of what is important to you. I began customs after experiencing a sudden loss in my life and realising the healing power I found in wearing custom and crystal pieces.

This year I launched the Upcycled collection of apparel and I feel so complete- slow, sustainable fashion has always been so important to me personally. After years of making my own clothes and having people ask about them- I decided to launch the line of upcycled blanket sweaters. Once again, I believe these pieces help tell our story and show such a passion (and compassion) for sustainability and the planet.

Thanks so much for being here!